No Returns or Exchanges

We have our boys!!! Woo hoo!!!

Picked them up this morning after some light paperwork and giant basket of popcorn at our agency. I don't mean to sound cliche, but they came running with arms open wide when they saw us. They are super! Super fun! Super energetic! Super sweet! We played together inside and out. Ivan realized his items aren't going anywhere, except with him, so he's loosened hs grip...but just a tad. They are both fascinated with buttons or anything electronic. I mean, what young boy isn't? But, Garris is certain he knows better than we do how to work things.

They were excited to see us, despite what this picture portrays. Maybe boys just don't like posing for photos.

My hopes of French toast were dashed when, after waiting an hour on breakfast and hearing a raucous of clanging that could only mean a special breakfast, the cook brought out my favorite injera bread masked as a quesadilla with small bits of chicken and cheese that was not thoroughly melted. I managed to down the contents of the bread but didn't dare attempt the bread itself. Keith, however, had liked the injera at the restaurant but this time had to mask it in PB and pineapple jam. He even mixed it in with the chicken and cheese. Vomit. The mango smoothies and coffee nearly made up for it though. I have requested my French toast for tomorrow. Gonna be a good day!

I am realizing today that I forgot many items I had seen the need for on our last trip. I did bring plenty of food, splenda and coffee creamer but completely forgot about the Parmesan cheese for the noodles, which are without fail served daily. Other items I forgot weren't necessities but gifts of benevolence. The women here are so nice and helpful. I had wanted to bring clothes, shoes and toiletries for them. I feel wretched over it and been scouring through what little I brought to see if there is anything to leave behind.

Communication between us and the nurse (whose English is the best of the current workers) didn't cut it, so we'll have to wait until Thursday's visit with the boys' counselor to ask all of our questions. The other kids and nannies came out and did a little farewell song and dance. Half in Amahric and half in English. By the time our driver arrived, the boys had already had lunch and ours was waiting on us at the guest house. Buttery rice and tiny veggie bits. That's it. Oh, and a giant pitcher of strawberry smoothies. You can guess what I had.

After donning some new outfits, we were doubtful about naptime but took a stab at it anyway. Both boys were sound asleep in a matter of minutes. But that was just a teaser, because after tonight's bath (which was the most fun by the way), wind-down and storytime, we physically worked for 20 minutes just to get them into a bed. Then another 15 minutes of deciding which bed to sleep in and whether or not to sleep alone or not. Long story...Keith moved the beds away from distractions, then I placed my body as a guard rail to keep Ivan in bed. I heard Garris settling, but Ivan literally fell asleep sitting up (strong willed?) and I gradually nudged him into a horizontal position.

Having a ball!

Before we left home, Keith and I discussed all of the lasts we were experiencing together with each other and with Avery. Like discussing just one child's day over dinner. But today we experienced many firsts. Absolutely too many to even list here. Okay, just one. We heard Ivan utter his first English word. And I squealed with delight! One, as in the number. Garris already knows a ton, respectively.

Well, Keith said I threw him under the bus in yesterday's update. I will attempt to redeem him today.

Let's see. He has done the vast majority of the work behind the scenes. Stuff I don't even have a clue about. Tonight he manned bathtime, scrubbed everyone and then showed them how to do it, too. I acted as his assistant fetching vital yet forgotten items such as soap, scrubbie and towels. And, even though he doesn't let me hold my own ticket, I have had my passport in my purse since we got here. Shh! I know he'll ask for "a visual" on it before we head to the Embassy tomorrow.


  1. I literally could NOT be happier for you guys!!!!! I know you've dreamed of this day for so long. Now, we need family PICTURES!!!! Love y'all!

  2. I'm so glad for you...and so happy you take the time to blog. I love getting this glimpse into your experience.

  3. You are cracking me up! I love that I know exactly what you are talking about in regards to the guest house, the kitchen, the food, the girls etc... I am so excited for you. You are going to love being a mom to boys! My piece of advice for you, embrace the ability to pee in the yard; it's a luxury we girls don't get. :) Love and prayers to you both!