Hospital Bag

We were submitted to the US Embassy in Ethiopia 6 days ago. At this point, I should be packing my “hospital bag.” While I haven’t begun to make my own packing list (yep, I always make a list…big, big nerd), I have started throwing items for the boys into a suitcase next to my bed. Warm PJs, play clothes, toys to occupy them while in country and LOTS of activities and meds for the flight home.

That’s the part I’m dreading the most: over a day of travel with 2 boys. Ugh! My hands will be full with merely meeting my own needs, much less the needs of 2 other humans. Oh, the flight attendants took care of Keith during his illness last time. All I had to do was get out of the way. Let’s just pray that Keith is smart enough to avoid ice and dairy at the airport and, if not, he is at least conscious for this one, as opposed to remaining horizontal between bouts of vomiting.

My nesting was kicked into high gear this weekend. Saturday I cleaned out closets and rooms upstairs while perhaps unnecessarily “overseeing” Keith as he finished up the boys’ room. Then Sunday morning before church, I cleaned out and reorganized the kitchen cabinets and pantry. Yes, all before the 9 A.M. service. It’s insane, but I love purging! Getting rid of stuff I don’t use often enough to justify the space it takes up when not in use. Psychosis? No. But, I do enjoy this process so much that it often keeps me from taking part in other normal activities, i.e. sleep. But, I’m okay missing a few winks if the end result is that I can now find a paperclip in the kitchen “junk drawer.” Don’t be shocked. I do have a drawer containing various unrelated items. And, right now, the cord of my phone charger is hanging out of it. Don’t judge me.

I did take a little hiatus from my craze of freakish nesting insanity for a quick trip downtown to look for some earrings. The shop is literally named “Downtown Fashions.” Vague. I have avoided this place except for one quick peak for a hair bow years ago. However, it is now my new favorite local store. They basically sell accessories, hair products and wigs. Although the wigs and most of the accessories did not hold my attention, I did find aisle upon aisle of hair products specifically formulated for African American hair. Score!

The good news is the saleswoman helped me find the perfect product and brush for the boys…plus she gave me some super easy tips on styling and upkeep. Clueless is an understatement.

The bad news is that I’m pretty sure Avery now has either maliaphobia, the fear of wigs, or pediophobia, the fear of mannequins. She couldn’t really articulate which was scarier. And, since then she’s been having nightmares of mannequin heads from the event, informing me each morning of the bizarre images she saw when her ”eyes were closed.”

On his way out the door this morning, Keith told me that today would be The Day. Said he just had a feeling. But fear has kept me from thinking it would be this soon. Fear of the unknown. The unknown world of boys. And, boys who can’t even communicate with us! Well, his gloating began today at noon when we received an email that we have clearance for travel. Woo!!! Hoo!!! Clearance from the US Embassy for the boys to travel here. Home.

Keith gave them 3 possible dates we could appear at the Embassy. All of them are next week, but we are praying for Wednesday. Apparently he isn’t concerned with getting a cheaper flight. Just bringing our boys home.


  1. Wonderful news!! So glad to know you have a date. So Keith had a feeling...hmmm. That's exciting in itself.

  2. Woo Hoo!! When can we schedule a play date!!! Ok I'll give you a couple of minutes with your boys in the US before we start putting dates on the calendar. I am so excited for all of you. Praying for safe travel, amazing memories, and immediate bonding. Blessings My Friend, Love Joy