It's Showtime!

Our Embassy appointment for the boys’ Visas is Wednesday and we fly out tomorrow: Mother’s Day. This will be the best, and most expensive, Mother’s Day gift ever. Keith definitely got off the hook easy this year.

We will arrive in Ethiopia on Monday morning and supposedly take custody of the boys right away. All of Tuesday, the entire day, we will be completing necessary paperwork whilst entertaining the boys. Wednesday go to the Embassy. Visas issued Thursday. Depart Friday night. If there are no hang-ups, we’ll have the boys home Saturday night. Home! Home! Home!

At the time we received news of our appointment, we had 4 days left on the clock. Keith decided this was a swell time to go on a business trip, i.e. a motocross riding adventure paid for by Yamaha. So, scratch 2 of the 4 days I just mentioned. Then, I’m not the only one who nests around here. Keith’s nesting just comes in a different form. An extreme form: shopping for, selling, or purchasing major items. From weeks 36-38 of my pregnancy, we were homeless. That’s right! Homeless. We had sold our house without a clue where we’d go. And then closed on it 2 weeks before closing on our current home. This time around? Keith has convinced me we’ll be saving money if he sells his gargantuan truck in order to purchase a higher occupancy vehicle. Because you know one tiny mini-van just isn’t enough for a family of 5...it looks like an Excursion will be in our future. The first day Keith was home to nest, he shopped for the new vehicle. Earlier today, our last day, I think I overheard him on the phone making a deal with a buyer for his truck.

I need to be packed and ready to head to the airport in less than 12 hours. Yikes! Twelve hours left of a household of 3 (and a dog). Twelve hours to soak up all of Avery I can. So, why am I taking time out to write this blog? Well, she’s not only sitting still but snuggled up next to me at the moment watching Diego…and his red-eyed tree frog friends, which I’m surprised she likes because she’s usually terrified of anything with red eyes: um, vampires. But only the bad ones, of course not Edward.

Twelve hours to pack for 4 people: Avery, Garrison, Ivan and me. At this point, Avery is 95% packed. The boys are 10% packed. I haven’t even started on my own things yet. Ugh! Plus, a load of laundry to do, need to vacuum the whole house, and dust downstairs. Oh, and a nap would be nice, too. What have I been doing since we got confirmation on our Embassy appointment and departure?!!! Apparently not enough.

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