Christmas Gifts

I received two catalogs in the mail yesterday, both advertising Christmas gift ideas. The first was from an adoption agency with the front caption: “giving gifts that make a difference.” Gifts ranged from a month supply of baby formula at $20 to a gift of $500 for a metal crib in lieu of wood in order to keep cockroaches off the babies. The second catalog was from a department store, which I thumbed through reluctantly because deep down I want to rebel against what (according to this catalog) Christmas has become. I stopped on the page with the princess-themed gifts because Avery loves princess anything. I was astounded by the caption: “she already thinks she’s a princess—make it official.” Are we supposed to allow our kids to think they’re princesses? Should we encourage it by lavishing them with ball gowns and anything that sparkles? At two, Avery has her share and more of tutus and tiaras. Is it fair that the Asian girls in the picture are dressed as Cinderella and Snow White and life for them will probably end “happily ever after,” while the little girls in China might not even see their first birthday simply because of their gender? I found it appalling that the cost to send a Ukrainian child to school for a year was less than that of a musical keyboard vanity. The Disney Princess Sparkle Babies listed for $25…the same price it would cost to transport a foster child to a loving home, help an unexpected mother provide the basics for her infant, or buy a gas card for a struggling family to get to work. Instead of deciding between which Disney Princess Dress, on sale for $15, I could provide a backpack to a foster child in school.

In the past, Keith and I have asked our friends and family to buy “gifts that make a difference” instead of presents for us. (See link below.) We would encourage the same this year. The cost of this adoption is something we know God will provide for, just as Jesus paid for our own adoption with His blood. If you feel called to help support us in the adoption, you may give directly to our agency, Christian World Adoption, by visiting the link to the right.

We hope you find some way to help orphans this Christmas, whether it be through an orphanage or foster care in the United States or abroad.

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