3 to 6 Months

Is the typical wait time from referral until we bring the boys home, as we’ve been told by our agency. We actually have to make 2 trips to Ethiopia. The first will be for our court date, when we are declared their parents, and the second will be to take physical custody and bring them home. If our wait time is “typical,” we should bring them home between January and April. We SHOULD get about 4 weeks notice of our court date.

Lots to do.

Step #1: The Boys’ Room. In progress. They’ll share a room with bunk beds (yay!), which we already found for a smokin’ deal on craigslist. We gave away the guest bedroom furniture this week, so we are ready to begin the make-over.

Step #2: Transportation. The Mom-mobile…aka minivan. This one is also in progress. Yes, Keith finally tapped out on the Excursion...I WIN!!! I will bid the Accord farewell this weekend. However, we haven’t even begun to shop for something to haul my brood around, so it looks like I’ll be hoisting Avery into Keith’s big rig until then.

Step #3: Names. This is the way the name game works around here. I come up with new names each day. And, Keith vetoes all of them. We’ve miraculously agreed on one name, but the other one could very well drive us to an attorney or therapy.

Step #4: Stock the Room. The plan is to collect used clothes and toys from a few of my gracious friends who also have sons. My goal is to have these items in place by Thanksgiving.

Step #5: Relax. I’d like to do as much reading as I can and take advantage of what could possibly be the last moments of alone time I have for the next few years. In general, we’ll be enjoying the easy life of having just one child. Also in the works is a great getaway for our 10-year anniversary in December...just the two of use for SIX DAYS! This could be the last "alone time" for another ten.