Creepy Creeperton and the Flight Home

The plane ride was not the debacle I expected. Not so bad actually, just busy. Very busy.

I had noticed a man traveling alone on our way to Ethiopia. Noticed him because he was smiling at us way too big and staring at us way too often…and very tall. He was one of those people whose over-friendliness makes him creepy. Creepy Creeperton, or Creeper for short. I, of course, avoided eye contact with Creeper for the rest of the flight.

What made it even more awkward is that Creeper was among the other adoptive families at the US Embassy. Again, staring and giving us that huge count-my-teeth grin, a smile welcomed from friends but not so much from a tall stranger of the opposite gender.

I started to think Creeper was actually Stalker when he joined us in the back of the waiting-to-board area with his adoptive son, who is Garris’s age. But wait! Not only was he on our return flight, he and his son were seated next to us on the plane.

Well, Creeper SAID he was staring because Keith looks like someone he used to know. Good excuse or a cover? So, maybe not so creepy, but he still earned his name for staring so long before speaking up. Creeper and son in our row ended up being God’s merciful hand on our situation because with 3 adults and 3 kids, we could cover more zones. We all played musical seats, shared toys, sugary treats, crafts, etc. If an adult got up, there were still 2 others to guard the children from escaping.

The boys definitely kept us from being bored on the flight. They loved pounding on the screens (so did the people sitting in front of us) but found no interest in the animated movies. Perhaps it was because I had been selecting the wrong language the entire time. I told you Amharic looks like Chinese or Japanese.

I, however, did get to watch a movie and finally finished Bride Wars. I was so exhausted from my experience while waiting to board that I left Keith to occupy the boys by himself for a while. I was still sitting there, but I zoned out with my earphones, a book and a snack of honey-roasted peanuts. I offered assistance several times, but he told me each time to just enjoy my book and M&Ms. He kept saying M&Ms instead of peanuts…maybe because that’s my usual snack, but also I think he was a tiny bit mad.

So, let me rephrase that. The flight home was busy for me…and VERY busy for Keith.

Just some pics from the flight home:

That's my seat Garris is sleeping in. I walked laps through the plane so the boys could stretch out for a much needed nap.

Perhaps the most fun: a ride on the luggage cart.

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