Glamour Shots No More

Every year in the spring, I force my loved ones into the painful experience of the annual family photo shoot. Oh, what fun! In the past, we have gone to one of those torture chambers, also known as a portrait studio, where they pose everyone in a variety of cheesy arrangements. “Okay, Mom, you sit here next to Dad and place your right pinky on his shoulder…and Little One, you curl your legs like this and smile really big while I shake this disgusting feather duster in your face and make noises that are not age appropriate.” And, you FEEL even more uncomfortable than this sounds. Keith calls them our “glamour shots.” For the grandiose one in our living room, he is wearing far too much clothing for the position in which he is awkwardly lying.

So, he is the only one who has to be dragged. Kicking and screaming actually. Avery is a big ham for the camera and often asks me to take pictures as she arrogantly struts her stuff on a make-shift stage or runway. Even so, she is a child, which means if she knows how much we want something, such as the perfect shot for cards, blogs and facebook, she will do anything BUT comply.

We’ve only previously achieved the group of family smiles through blood, sweat and treats.

Since October when we received our referral, I have both looked forward to our new family-of-five pictures as well as dreaded the agony it would likely take to get it.

This year we avoided that pain. Thanks to DHC Photography we had the best and definitely most fun photo shoot ever! Now, I have many friends who take photos as a hobby, a side business or a day job. So, you guys, don’t be jealous that I didn’t call you. Daniel Camp is a super fun, artsy fartsy colleague of mine, who also has a photography business, and has begged me...pleaded with me...to let him take pictures of our gorgeous kids…since before we even got the referral for them. That's why we chose him. And, oh yes, his work is fantastic! You can see for yourself at www.danielhillcamp.com. I’m not putting his info out here because we struck a deal: You take our pics and I'll advertise for you. I just love his work and figure many of you will be asking for the info to schedule your own easy breezy, amazing photo shoot.

We went to a local park after work a few days ago and were in and out in less than 30 minutes. Beat that! The extreme heat may have hurried us along a tad, but Daniel and his assistant just snapped away as the kids played. To get a family shot, we kind of started heading out of the park and stopped along the way. You see us laughing in the picture because we are just trying to get 3 kids to stay and not run to the van…the makeena! How easy was that? And, they are fabulous!

Plus, he placed the disc and photo release in my hands the next morning. Ta da!!! Never knew it could be that simple and effortless.

I would love to tell you more about this day and why I look like I just ran a marathon, but I am tired and must close my eyes before I have to begin tomorrow’s battle. Here are a few favorites. Ahh, I wish I could post more! They are so darn good!

Let's go with birth order:




Boy, Girl, Boy

So, each of my kids has the perfect Zoolander Blue Steel Face

My Favorite Guys


  1. so. mad. at. you. big trouble missy! BIG. HUGE. and don't act like you don't know what i am talking about...

  2. Loved hearing the details. Every picture I see of Keith is with a kid in his lap or arms. Love it!

  3. Great pics....love them!