Our Court Date & 1st Meeting

One month from today we will appear in an Ethiopian court to be declared the parents of our two sons. Woo hoo!!! Although we have considered them our sons since the day our agency called, making it official in court means we’re one step closer to bringing them home.

What's even more exciting than our court date is that we'll also get to meet the boys on this trip. I'm actually a little nervous about this one. We've sent them pictures of us, but who knows what they think so far. They'll likely remember this meeting, so there's a little bit of pressure.

Just before Christmas we purchased tickets for our first trip to Ethiopia. I’m not excited about traveling for more than an entire day, but flight time equals reading time, so I’ll more than survive. Unfortunately, the boys have to wait 4-6 weeks from that point to leave the country...and that means a second trip to Ethiopia for us (and more reading). So, I’m banking on having them home by the end of March. This makes me sad because their birthdays are in March, and I was really hoping they’d be here for them. But, I rest in the fact that this is God’s timing and not mine.

What you can pray for:

  • Our court date.
  • The orphanage workers who are taking care of them and counseling them on this big change.
  • The attachment and bonding process we all will go through.
  • My sanity in all of this. I might need anti-anxiety meds by the end. The napkin from last night that’s still on the ottoman might push me over the edge this morning. I need to relax and relinquish the control I pretend to have.


  1. Man I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait to meet them!

  2. Yea! I'm so excited for you guys. The next couple of months will fly by. I'll be praying for your family!