May Is for Family Day

May marked 4 years that our family of 5 has been together.

I use the word “together” instead of “complete” because I think God has a way with definitive words like “complete.” He’ll be like, “Oh, yeah? I’ll show you complete.” Then I’ll have children showing up at my doorstep, and someone’s vasectomy will come undone.

So, together it is. For four years.

May is for Family Day, although this year the actual day passed without any notice, except for my spending a few leisurely moments (or maybe hours) being nostalgic and looking through old pictures, videos and posts.

I have friends who look on adopted families and say they feel like the kids have always been here. Not true for me. I totally remember what it was like to have just one compliant, docile child. It was really quiet. And clean.

Those were the easy days.

But these are the fun days.

Here’s to 4 super fun years.

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