Home Improvements

We're making progress around here. Inside and outside the house. We've technically done nothing to the outside of the house, but I consider my learning my way around town as progress.

The view from the front of our house. Just behind the kids is a slightly grassy giant dirt mound, which is most commonly used as a "rest stop." By both animals and humans. Kids on the way to school. Passersby. Whoever.

The police station behind that rest stop.

Rocks. The landmark I formerly used to find my way home.

The church next door. Seventh Day Adventists.

The government school 2 blocks from home. Their morning program starts at 7:20 with nails on the chalkboard over a PA system. I can't make out the words, but the music is familiar. Always something American.

Picture on wall outside school. Ah, the 5 senses. Important stuff.

Police station a few blocks from home.

Another landmark on the way home: teepee light pole.

My night stand next to the home school station. I just dig out what I need daily.

Keith's night stand and laundry basket.

Our living room. Currently it has just 3 chairs and the TV, but I just purchased 3 little kid chairs so that Keith and I have a place to sit.

We all have a place to hang our coats at the front door. This is fabulous. I feel like I'm at home now.

The "shelving" unit in our bedroom.

My half of the closet, which houses the medicine cabinet, all my hanging clothes (for which we purchased hangers a few days ago), any article I'd typically keep in a drawer, bed linens, bathroom products, accessories, and all of Avery's cool weather clothes.

Ivan and Avery having fun in front of my vanity. This mirror was intended for the kids' bathroom but it broke upon installation. Yes, the house came with no mirrors and few working lights.

Keith's garage, located in our bedroom.

In the absence of closet space, I'm making suitcases and laundry baskets work for the kids' closet. Located, where else but, in our bedroom.

For now they are all still in one room. This is a much better situation than where they were last week. Bunking with us. All 5 of us in our room, along with nearly everything we own, for one week while we accommodated a team from Cyprus. Fun.

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