The Exit Plan

One week ago today, Keith authoritatively slapped a fancy piece of paper down in front of me. The colorful document, which looked more like a spreadsheet tracking the market status, was labeled along the left-hand side:

"Exit Plan A" and "Exit Plan B."

This was no strategy as to how we'd leave a burning building. Nor was it a plan of escape suppose we fell into the hands of spies, a terrorist or, in general, some mad man.

I soon realized what I held in my hands was a schedule of our last days in the States. Two versions of a 2-month horizontal calendar. All those colors and bars? The different places we are committed to and for what length of time plus important dates like birthdays to celebrate and Keith's last day of work. Gasp! That event denotes so many things I am frightened of losing. Stability. Security. Familiarity. Insurance. Bigger gasp!

I was equally impressed and appalled. I am wowed by any color-coded document whipped up in a program I've probably never used. The reason for my offense? I was presented with a schedule and not consulted regarding such matters.

But then I remembered my role in a process like this and withheld my complaints. My only duty is to pack up myself and the kids. Oh, and the contents of our home. Let's not forget about that little ole task. However, I've been told we are renting the house furnished, so I'll probably receive a color-coded list of items I am allowed to pack, simplifying my job even more.

I'll keep my job, although it is daunting at the moment with empty boxes stacked as far as the eye can see. All I ask is that I am allowed a good look at my boarding pass so that I'll know the gate for which I am headed.

March 25th is the day we plan to leave Georgia, but that fancy schedule says we'll be here for about another 4 weeks visiting family and ministry partners. The cities officially listed are Birmingham, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Poteau (our hometown). If you are in or near any of the listed destinations and would like to visit with us, PLEASE contact us.

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