Trip 3, Day 5: The New Preacher

Today was fantastic. I actually have zero frustrations to vent about. Boo. But I guess with the possibility of moving here, I should be grateful. The only inconvenient incident of the day was a power outage, which is still going on. However, I have hope it will return before we hit the hay so that we can use AM static on the alarm clock as our white noise machine. Combined with earplugs, it does wonders for the nighttime sounds here. Tonight it’s a parade of crickets and the ranting of a scary, mad, maybe crazy preacher in a church nearby.

That makes 2 power outages on this trip so far.

We visited 2 churches that serve as sites for a women empowerment program/ministry. There is so, so much about this particular ministry to share that it will likely take its own post to get through. But basically the ministry targets women who have no other hope for keeping their families intact, so they are brought in and taught how to make beads out of paper and clay. The jewelry is sold at a retail price, and all the women collect a paycheck to support an average of 4 people each. These women were so gracious when we interrupted their day. They led us in worship (which they had already done as part of their morning routine), and after we heard from the pastor a few women shared their testimonies. Amazing! After hearing much about how we (and other Americans who come here) are an answer to prayer, Keith preached to them a little about how Jesus is their savior, not us (or any American)…and how much difference they are making here and around the globe and the impact they have on others. Although he hates to be the center of attention or speak out…ever, it was awesome. We were all in tears by the end. Perhaps he has found a new way in which to serve the Ethiopians. Hmmmm. Then Keith and I were schooled in the art of jewelry making. I won’t brag about who turned out a better product, but we both rolled the paper and shined the clay.

Our van passed 2 men urinating on the side of the road today. I barely noticed them with their backs turned to us. Their stance along with a projected stream gave them away though.

We were served 2 scrumptious meals here at the guest house today. An entire plateful of a meatless spaghetti pie for lunch, of course topped with the parmesan cheese I brought. For dinner seasoned and grilled chicken and veggies. Chicken breasts with a bone sticking out the end of it. No fat or gristle. A skilled farmer handled that bird. I ate every bite of mine. Oh, and strawberry smoothies! They are like no other smoothie. Yum. Yum. Yum. The third and merely edible meal was breakfast: cinnamon rolls, no icing. Gasp! Luckily an assortment of condiments have been on the table for every meal. I was able to down a few bites with a dab of jelly. Still hungry, I reached for a granola bar stashed in my purse. I had purchased 2 single bars based on the brand name, which was healthy sounding. Aren’t they all?

What I missed in my rush of my last shopping trip was the small print along the bottom of the bar: vegan, dairy free, soy free. In other words, minus all the yummy stuff. Somehow I managed to choke down the chocolate dirt bar, which means I can handle any food Ethiopia throws at me.

I’ll have to teach the ladies how to make a simple powdered sugar icing. They will love it too!

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